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Fatima in Lucias’s own words, volume I

Memórias Inglês I

This book contains the testimony given in writing by Sister Lucia in four letters addressed to the Bishop of Leiria, on the events of Fatima in 1917. She relates what she remembers regarding what she and her cousins Francisco and Jacinta saw and experienced at that time. In this presentation of her memoirs, Lucia bequeaths to us information of highly historical value and shares also with us a spiritual experience that moved countless Christians throughout decades.

The text presented here, whose manuscript is kept in the Archives of the Diocese of Leiria-Fatima, was written between 1935 and 1941. More than a million copies of this volume, published in several different languages, have already been sold.

Number of pages: 237
Languages: Portuguese, German, Spanish (Castilian), French, Italian, English, Hungarian, Polish, Czech, Dutch, Romanian, Croatian, Indonesian, Slovakian, Latvian, Slovenian, Ukrainian, Russian and Arabic.

Fatima in Lucia’s own words, volume II

Memórias Inglês II

This volume gathers a set of memoirs of Sister Lucia written in 1989 and 1993. It deals mainly with information that allows us to look at the life of the seers of Fatima in the context of time and relationships. Lucia presents here what she remembers about the parents, in two reports, each dedicated to one of them; she describes the family environment as well as the social and religious atmosphere lived in Fatima at the time of the apparitions in 1917.

Number of pages: 194
Languages: Portuguese, German, Spanish (Castilian), French, Italian, English, Hungarian, Polish.

The Message of Fatima

Como Vejo a Mensagem Ing.

This book, published in 2006, contains one of the fundamental writings of Sister Lucia. In it, she explains how she sees the Message of Fatima at a distance from the events. It is a matured and deepened reflection in light of many developments after the 1917 apparitions. There stands out, in this exposition, the understanding Lucia has that the Message of Fatima points to God as the center of the believer’s life.

Number of pages: 63
Languages: Portuguese, German, Spanish (Castilian), French, Italian, English, Hungarian, Polish, Dutch and Slovenian.

“calls” from the message of fatima

Apelos Inglês

For several years, thousands of letters arrived at the Carmelite Convent of Coimbra, requesting clarification about the Message of Fatima. To those letters, Lucia replies with the book «Calls» from the Message of Fatima, a collection of texts written throughout several years and published in December 2000.

Number of pages: 300
Languages: Portuguese, German, Spanish (Castilian), French, Italian, English, Hungarian, Polish, Slovenian and Arabic.

blessed francisco and jacinta

Bem-Aventurados Ing.

Small illustrated book, written for children. Based in the Memoirs of Sister Lucia, it recalls the apparitions of Fatima and shares with the reader the messages of the Angel and of Our Lady to the three Little Shepherds.

Number of pages: 78
Languages: Portuguese, German, Spanish (Castilian), French, Italian, English, Hungarian, Polish and Slovakian.

francisco and jacinta of fatima: two stars shining in the night of the world

Jacinta e Francisco Port.

A “work entirely dedicated to the youngest Blesseds in the history of holiness of the Church. In it, the author doesn’t only narrate the life and draws the portrait of the two Marto siblings, but also intends to penetrate the deep mystery of two children souls and wants to dive into its biblical roots and reveal to today’s world the meaning of the revelations contained in the Message of Fatima” (Preface of the Portuguese Edition).

The Cistercian monk Jean-François de Louvencourt continues this way to share his testimony for and interest in the Message of Fatima in general and in the spirituality of the Little Shepherds in particular, through this vast monograph of more than 500 pages, published in France in 2010. In 2012 is published the Portuguese version.

Number of pages: 552
Languages: Portuguese and French

our memories of sister lucia

A Memória que dela temos Ing.

Sister Celina, Prioress of the Carmelite Convent of Coimbra, wrote, shortly after Lucia’s death, this small book, where she describes her recollections of the years in the Convent. Amongst them, we find the emotion-filled sharing of stories during the afternoon of February 13, 2005, when, in the presence of God and of Our Lady, the three Little Shepherds met again.

Number of pages: 47
Languages: Portuguese, German, Spanish (Castilian), French, Italian, English, Hungarian, Slovenian and Latvian.


Fátima 1917-2000

The book Fatima 1917-2000 presents a reconstitution of the photographic documentary on the history of Fatima. Around 310 photos document that history as well as the biography of the seers.

Number of pages: 79
Languages: Portuguese, German, Spanish (Castilian), French, Italian, English and Polish.

way of the cross of reparation

Via-Sacra Port.

Book written by Fr. Louis Kondor, where he registers his own reflections on the Way of the Cross. It also includes pictures of the Way of the Cross in Valinhos, with the singularity of having the images present the original polychromy of the work of Maria Amélia Carvalheira da Silva.

Number of pages: 40
Languages: Portuguese

are you willing to offer yourselves to god? the call to reparation in the message of fatima

Quereis O. A Deus Port.

Book written by Fr. Louis Kondor in the last years of his life, which was published posthumously (October 28, 2011). In it, Fr. Kondor bequeaths to us, as if it were his spiritual testament, his thoughts and reflections on the Message Our Lady handed to the Little Shepherds.

Number of pages: 252
Languages: Portuguese

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